A Relationship with the Trinity

We believe in the joyful, committed relationship of each member with the Triune God - God our creator, Christ our savior, and the Holy Spirit which sustains us.  All three are active in the lives of our church and community.

The Bible

We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the Word of God and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ.

Service and Mission

The world is broken, violent, and facing rapid social change.  We are called in our obedience to Christ to respond with love and compassion by both proclaiming the gospel and seeking reconciliation for those in need through service and generosity.  We share our gift locally in Edmond, throughout the state, and globally!

Christian Development and Learning

We believe that all are called to be disciples of Christ and that discipleship is a lifelong journey of Spritual, emotional, intellectual, and moral growth.  This transformative growth occurs through prayer, worship, study, and service to others.

Christ-like Love

God has called us to take up Jesus' Cross and walk in his path - and that is a path of love.  As Mark 12: 28-31 tells us, we are to love God above all else and with everything we have, and we are also to love our neighbor.

A Reformed Heritage

We believe that the confessions of the Reformed faith are authentic and reliable interpretations of Scripture.  These confessions call us toward a community centered on the Triune God.  We strive to achieve this through worship, teaching, stewardship of resources, and the strength given to the priesthood of all believers.