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We are sad to announce that August 6th will be Jakob McMahan's last Sunday of regular attendance at Santa Fe Presbyterian Church.

But we are excited, proud, and happy to announce that it is because he will be going to attend Pittsburg Theological Seminary!

As such, we will be having a reception on the 6th, along with a card/love basket and hope that all of you can stop by to wish him well on his journey and consider these words from his mom:

"Jakob has always been called by God since he was a little boy.  For his reading pleasure as a child, he would lose himself in the Bible.  He was always the first one out of all of our children to say his prayers.  He even told us as a child that he was going to work in the Church with music.  We've always known that God has many great and wonderful plans in store for Jakob."

We all hope for great things and wish Jakob well on his journey to seminary!