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When the church gathered for the Vision Summit with the Renovations Team, one of the goals was have a church congregation that would volunteer 100,000 hours in 2026.  We have broken that down into milestones by year and this year we are looking to volunteer 25,000 hours!

No, this won't be anything scientific and, no, we aren't going to be following up to check on you.  Feel free to estimate or round where needed, but most importantly, let us know about your volunteer work.

It does not have to be with the church, it just has to be something that helps improve our community and give you an opportunity to show God's love.  It could be at a school, hospital, with a sports team, or anything else that makes the world a better place.  And yes, hours volunteered at church count too!

You can report hours volunteered to or using the online form located at this link:  Report Here