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We sponsor apartments for homeless mothers through Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) and their Martha House.  NSO provides fully furnished apartments for homeless mothers and we help them do so by providing some of the furnishings.  When the program participants complete the program and move on to their permanant housing, they are allowed to take the items from the apartment with them, making that transition easier and driving a higher success rate.

As a result, NSO is regularly needing to re-furnish those apartments from time to time.  We at Santa Fe are looking to make it easier for them by trying to collect some of the most-needed items.  

December and January are a great time to do that because many of you are going to be getting some of these items as gifts and will either need to get rid of an old one or find a way to re-gift it anyway!

So if you happen to have any of the items below that are either new, or in decent working condition, please consider bringing them to Santa Fe Presbyterian Church so we can make sure they get to a family in need.

You can also learn more about the NSO mission by visiting their website,

Items Needed:

  1. TV’s/Antenna’s
  2. Toasters/Handmixers
  3. Measuring Cups/Spoons
  4. Pots/Pans
  5. Other Kitchen Utensils
  6. Trash Cans
  7. Dish Racks
  8. Double Bed Sheets, Matress Pads, Blankets, Bedspreads
  9. Bath Towels/Rugs
  10. Area and Throw Rugs
  11. Home Decor for Young Mothers and Children