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We took the time to celebrate the most beloved Pastor in the Presbyterian church this past Sunday.

No, it wasn't Mitch.  We were celebrating and honoring Fred Rogers, better known as "Mr. Rogers".  But we do get to see Mitch do his very best Mr. Rogers impersonation in this video, along with a short shot of the children of the church singing the beloved theme song.

Born on March 20th, 1928, Fred Rogers gained fame for his show "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" but not as many people are aware that he was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1963.  

We are all blessed that his path to sharing neighborly love took him down a different road, but I for one would have loved to see one of his sermons!  His legacy lives on today as spin-offs of his show continue to teach children the lessons of being a good neighbor, most notably through Daniel Tiger.