Pastor of Online Community

June 2021


We are the body of Christ; one part cannot function without the other. Most recently I was reminded of this fact as a result of the sudden, and thus unexpected, death of my older brother. Please indulge me as I tell you a bit about him. My brother Steve was a kind and good man. Tender hearted, witty and wise. Steve was personable. If the two of you were visiting, you would feel as if nothing else were more important to him than listening to you share about your life. And he cared deeply. Steve was very much like my Dad. I now realize Steve filled Dad’s shoes for me during the last 43 years, ever since my Dad went to be with Jesus. Even so, it wasn’t Steve’s goodness which allows him to be reunited with my Dad and my Mom; nor my parents being good people either. It was that each one of them believed in Jesus, Christ’s saving grace on the cross. What a comfort for me!

We are to emulate the life of Christ, which He demonstrated while on this earth, and while we anticipate our new, resurrected life to come. In doing so I suggest we take a few minutes to meditate on what it means to “Share and Care.” Notice I placed the word “Share” before “Care.” Unless we are vulnerable enough to share our lives with others; others will have no idea they are needed to offer care. It takes deciding to be vulnerable enough to share your feelings with another; especially the difficult, painful parts of life. It takes trusting in the person(s) you choose to share the deepest parts of your heart, whether it be your joy or sorrow.

My heartfelt call is to weave the lives of our Online Community together, building on the God-given technology we have to share and care for one another. Let us be patient as the technology issues are worked out, anticipating when we can meet in Fellowship to build those trust-worthy relationships. In the meantime, and in addition to our online Fellowship time, I am creating a “SHARE AND CARE” email group. It will consist of the Online Community, those of us who are unable to meet in person for Worship and our Fellowship, which is our time together following worship. My prayer is we will grow in our friendship, trust, sharing and caring for one another. IF you would like to be included in the Online community “Share and Care” email group, please email me at

I ask for your prayers as I journey through grief.  And may you know and believe that in Christ you are loved,
accepted, forgiven, and held close as a brother or sister.

All in our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Amen, Pastor Jan