The Session of Santa Fe is comprised of twelve (12) Elders who form our official governing body.  Elders serve as liaisons to the various committees and report the ongoing activities of the respective committees to Session.  Virtually all decisions made within Santa Fe Presbyterian Church are made by this governing body.  The Session governs a church body which identifies itself as a loving, warm and friendly family with diverse theological backgrounds and deep respect for each other.  Our greatest gift is our ability to respond to the immediate needs of our church family and community through our time, talent, and treasure.  Santa Fe strives to be an “Oasis of Hope” to all those we touch in God’s name.

Current Session Members

Class 2021
Bruce Ackerman
Dave Lautenschlager
Martin McNeese
Cindy Thomas

Class 2022
Diane Hughes
Stephanie McGee
Tracy Reed
Don Sterne

Class 2023
Chuck Creamer
Tom Freeman
Glen McCall
Ann Stewart

Greg Svanas is Clerk of Session