Laurel’s – Associations

(noun) mental connections between ideas or things
(noun) groups of people organized for a joint purpose

Last year our Youth Group activities were largely suspended, like just about everything else that our young people enjoy. Now that we are able to meet again, we chose a scripture to use as our theme for the year.  It comes from the book of Hebrews, the tenth chapter, verses 24-25. It reads:

We are setting out this year to motivate one another to acts of love and good works, to meet together without fail, and to encourage one another….not a bad set of goals if you ask me.

Our routine is built around a Wednesday night meal. Until the church starts to meet for Wednesday Nigh Dinner, we will have “Fast Food Night” – each student will bring his or her own, self-contained fast food dinner. We will eat together, play games, watch movies, and do whatever else strikes us. Before we depart, we will spend some time in worship, using the PCUSA Daily Prayer app as our guide.

We also have Youth Group t-shirts this year! I mean, who doesn’t love a t-shirt? As we were brainstorming designs and what we wanted to say on our shirts, we kept coming back to the Santa Fe motto: “Come see, be fed, go tell.” We decided to use the motto, but to put it into Youth language, “Hang out, pig out, shout out.” We’re going to have a great year, and we’re going to look good as we do. It’s hard to understand sometimes just how important something like a simple t-shirt can be for kids, but they are as important as any tribal or uniformed, or even clerical garb in establishing belonging and identity.

Our first Youth Group took place on August 25. We had a great group of nine students ranging in age from 6th grade to Juniors in high school. Two of our attendees are new to our congregation and jumped in like they had been a part of us since birth. We have an exceptional group of young people at Santa Fe and it’s a joy and a privilege to spend time with them. – Reverend Laurel