Christian Education

Our Sunday morning classes provide varied opportunities for the nourishment of spirit, curiosity, intellect, and fellowship. Due to COVID precautions, classes are presently convening at 9:40 AM, some remotely and some blended remote/in-person (details below). Wednesday night activities and studies are on hiatus for COVID, but we expect to resume Kids Club for youth, dinner, Bible studies for adults, and music soon. We additionally host or sponsor Stephen Ministry, three women’s circles, Vacation Bible School in the summer, senior and adult activities, inspirational music programs, a Summer Concert Series, talent show, Mother’s Day Out, Boy Scouts, Daisy Scouts, and other children/youth programs.

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Adult Sunday School

Contemporary Christian Living Class

Meets in Fellowship Hall and by Zoom – Sundays at 9:40 AM

Does the Bible provide real answers to the problems and challenges of modern life?  Can it still inform and inspire our daily interaction with a fallen world?  “C’mon man… Things are a mess!  What do a bunch of yokels roaming around millennia ago know about what’s going on NOW?”

Diving deeply into scripture, scholarly research, and commentary – with reliance on the Holy Spirit for guidance – we’ve found quite a lot!

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  -Ecclesiastes 1:9

Our class dives deeply into scripture and scholarly research/commentary to discover and discern God’s intentions for our daily living.

Our most recent study was a dedicated exploration of the Book of Hebrews, where the author argues on the Torah to prove Jesus’ divinity to wavering Jewish converts.  This led us to our present study of his “reference materials,” Exodus 25 through Leviticus.  Did the Israelites wandering the desert over 3,000 years ago get a glimpse of God’s ultimate plan for mankind’s redemption?  Are Christians subject to all the rules handed down back then?

Past studies have included books of the Bible – Genesis, Job, Proverbs, and many of the Gospels and Epistles.  Topical studies have included “What happens when you die,” “God’s ‘outrageous’ claims,” “Angels,” “Apologetics,” and “The Holy Spirit.”

Class time includes healthy doses of the Socratic method and lively discussion.

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Connections Class

Meets in the Music Room and on Zoom – Sundays at 9:40 AM

The Connections class is a group of adults who are looking to take their Bible study further into the world through the study of books outside of the Bible.  Not unlike a book club, we search out books that are either spiritual in nature, relate directly to the Bible, are about the Bible, or are just plain interesting.  We work to tie whatever book we are reading back to scripture and look for insights on how we can lead a better Christian life.  While scripture is the basis of our discussions, no matter the book, we also find it important to have fun, laugh, and relate to one another as we learn and grow.

The class is led by one of the church Elders but is really a group effort.  Even if you have never read the book, or have just fallen a little behind, you can always catch up and be part of the discussions.  Right now, we are studying the Book of Psalms. We have identified and isolated the numerous styles of individual Psalms so that we can study similar Psalms each week.

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Bible Discovery Class

Meets remotely – Sundays at 9:40 AM

A church elder leads the adult Bible Discovery class using printed curricula from PCUSA.  Classes are based on the study of thematic concepts in the bible such as the role of women in the bible, the Prophets of the Old Testament, and the range of spiritual gifts. The ensuing discussions on how these concepts affect us in the 21st century are wide-ranging, taking advantage of the unique life experiences of the class members. Lessons are self-contained, so interested people can drop in as their schedule allows.

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Children and Youth Sunday School Classes

Classes for children and youth resume Palm Sunday, 28 March 2021, with COVID precautions in place. All classes will begin at 9:40 AM.

Pre-K & 1st Grade – meets by the classrooms

2nd & 3rd Grade – meets by the classrooms

4th & 5th Grade – meets by the classrooms

Middle School – meets in the Youth Room

High School – meets in the Youth Room