Board of Deacons

As officers of Santa Fe Church our 9 member Deacon Board is charged primarily with the care and oversight of the church membership. To that end, each family unit is assigned a Deacon. The Deacon, in partnership with a Shepherding Team Leader, makes monthly contacts to their assigned families. Other responsibilities include: Taking Home Bound Communion to those who are not able to worship with us on Communion Sundays (First Sunday monthly.) A Deacon and Elder go into homes and hospitals to bring worship and the sacrament, including them in the body. The Deacons provide meals to those in need and at funerals; send get-well and encouragement cards; send college boxes of goodies to students during finals week, as well as many other important “caring” outreach. Our most recent focus has been to provide transportation for any and all who need rides to worship, Wednesday night dinner, church meetings and choir, church social events, Circle meetings, Bible studies, etc. Brian Champlin is spearheading our transportation efforts. Please help us by 1.) letting us know who needs transportation, 2) asking for transportation for yourself, 3) volunteer to be a driver. We also provide transportation for members to run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, etc.

PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO HELP WITH THE TRANSPORTATION NEEDS OF OUR CHURCH FAMILY. We want to insure that all who want to be a part of the community are able to join us.

Current Members of Board of Deacons

Class of 2021
Kathy Brock
Carol White
Hannah Shattuck

Class of 2022
Charlotte Langley
Pam Roney
Jackie Walls

Class of 2023
Charles Corey
Melody McKitrick
Leigh Miller