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In September, the Mission Project will be focused upon meeting some of the needs of Oklahoma’s children and teens who are living in foster care. The agency we are partnering with is Sunbeam Family Services, one of 15 agencies who provide foster care in Oklahoma. They provide ongoing support to foster care families through 24/7 case management, training, and connection to resources. They also provide mental health services to these kids who have often experienced trauma in their lives.

Sunbeam has identified the following needs which we are asking our SFPC family to donate:

Preemie and newborn clothes
6 month clothes
9 month clothes
8 month clothes
Size 2 diapers

If you prefer, you can make a monetary donation which we’ll use to purchase backpacks suitable for teenagers living in foster care. (We hope to have some of our SFPC teenagers help us select the backpacks!)

When we say we are a “mission minded church” it is said with a glad heart for the truth imbedded in those 3 words!

The Indian Nations Presbytery recently shared proceeds of the sale of the Central Presbyterian Church building with all churches in the INP. Santa Fe Presbyterian Church received $5000 from INP, with the request that we designate a portion of this to an international mission. The Mission Committee met and agreed upon sharing this generous gift with 7 agencies. We would like our congregation the be aware of the programs we are supporting through this gift.

We would also like to challenge each and every one of you to add your own donation to this, with the church as a whole setting a goal of doubling the $5000 donation. All of these donations for this cause will go towards the following organizations! Please prayerfully consider a donation!

AIDS Orphans & Community Health Program of the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya: $2000. This program is dedicated to the needs of children who have been orphaned due to the disease of AIDS. Orphans are receiving assistance so they may attend school, by paying for school uniforms, school fees, and basic supplies. In addition, the program provides these children with out-patient medical care, assuring they receive national health insurance coverage, get medication they need, as well as supplying food and shelter when needed. All of these services improve their chance to survive into adulthood with an opportunity for employment and self-sufficiency.

In the Fall of 2021, a friend of Ann Stewart’s, Stanley Gitari, who works with this program, will visit our church, to discuss this program! You’ll hear more about this event when dates are set!

City Rescue Mission, Oklahoma City: $500. Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction requires a multifaceted approach. The City Rescue Mission does this by providing shelter, access to community services, case management, work readiness, vocational training, and a holistic faith-based addiction treatment program.

Edmond Hope Center, Edmond, OK:  $500.  This program provides food, clothing, and financial assistance to persons living in Edmond and Arcadia. Our church often is approached by persons in need. We are able to refer them to one place that takes care of multiple needs: the Edmond Hope Center.

Infant Crisis Services, Oklahoma City: $500. This organization provides formula, food, diapers, blankets, clothing and other basic necessities to children from birth to age 3

Jesus House, Oklahoma City: $500.  This program is also an addiction program. It starts with shelter, case management services, AA meetings, and working through the 12-step program. Work responsibilities are required to establish routines in the lives of their clients. After 6 months, services are provided by a career transition specialist who helps develop professional skills and identify employment opportunities.

Positive Tomorrow School, Oklahoma City: $500. This is Oklahoma’s only elementary school and social services agency that specifically works for children and families experiencing homelessness. These kids experience many barriers to their education, not just homelessness. Thus, the program ensures that the students in their program have nutrition, clothing, and transportation.

YWCA Women’s Shelter, Oklahoma City: $500.  This agency provides crisis services to victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Emergency shelter, forensic exams and counseling services are provided, as well as other resources that these families need.

Please mark your checks or online giving app Mission Challenge

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Everyone attending worship is required to wear a mask even when singing to ensure the safety of our musicians and members of the congregation.

“For Your Sake”

Jeremiah 31:31-34

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