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Morgan and older brother










Morgan Eagle Ceremony




Parents Meeting Tuesday March 26, 2013

Here is some of the news that we need to pass from the last meeting

We had a discussion on the schedule of events over the next several months:

In general:

1st Tuesday of the month:       Boards of review

2nd Tuesday of the month:       Court of Honor if applicable / Scout Master reviews

3rd Tuesday of the month:       PLC meeting (no troop meeting)

4th Tuesday of the month:       parent meeting

Please note that the above typical schedule will be changed to account for activities, trips, summer camp and school functions.

Discussed having parents meetings quarterly.  Parents meetings will be held monthly until after summer camp

Upcoming court of Honors:  (quarterly)     May 7th, August 13th, November 12th

Upcoming Troop Outings

1.       Omniplex merit Badge College is April 5th and 6th.

2.       Camporee at Camp John Nichols is April 19, 20 , 21.  Theme will be TV shows. Physical required: parts A & B. Less than 72 hour outinga.      

3.       May 3,4,5 :  Activity not determined as of yet.

4.       May 11th at 2PM.  Pre-summer camp swim test.  Scouts will need to pass a swim test before being allowed to participate and swim at summer camp as well as the troop outings to the Illinois River and Lake Texoma.

5.       Lake Texoma Trip:  June 21, 22, 23

6.       Summer Camp:  July 7 thru 13.  Leave OKC on Saturday July 6th.

The cost is $350/scout and $150 per adult.  ($300 to camp and $50 fuel)

Current travel plan is to use the church bus.  This plan will depend on two parents getting their CDL by summer.  Alternative plan will be to rent passenger vans for the trip.  If this occurs, fees will be increased accordingly.

Parents are reminded that parental consent forms and physicals will be needed for summer camp.  Sections A,B & C are required.

7.       Illinois River Float Trip: August 8, 9, 10

TROOP 94 DUESdues are $100/year/scout or $10.00 per month.  Monthly dues are to be paid on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Webelos will need to be transferred to Troop 94.

Kim Morey asked that parents turn in a merit badge councilor sheet if they are able to teach a merit badge.

TROOP FUNDRAISERS -This first scout that reads this and tells Mr. Reed will get a large Slurpee!

TROOP 94 ADVANCEMENT – The next  Court of Honor is May.   All scouts must have scoutmaster conferences and Board of Review completed and turned in to Mrs. Morey ASAP.