Laurel’s – Associations


(noun) mental connections between ideas or things
(noun) groups of people organized for a joint purpose


This month I celebrate my one-year anniversary as a part of the Santa Fe Presbyterian Church family. My very first day on the job was spent unearthing a pile of God-knows-what in the closet that became my office and heading-out that afternoon on an ice skating adventure with the Indian Nations Youth. It hasn’t slowed-down since!

This congregation was so very gracious to me as I finished my Clinical Pastoral Education requirements and jumped through all of the necessary hoops in order to be ordained and installed. I am forever grateful. The service that we had here at Santa Fe on the day of my installation as this congregation’s first ever Associate Pastor was one of the most meaningful worship services of my life. It feels good to be at home in such a loving family of faith.

Together, we have served the Youth and Children of this congregation with excellence. We have successfully established a new Youth Committee to handle Youth events and fundraising, which frees-up the Christian Education Committee to handle all of our Sunday School offerings and VBS. We have given our Children thoughtful and fun worship bags for their use during services. We have gone with our Youth on trips near and far to explore our faith outside of these walls.

We are continuing to listen for the Spirit’s leading to meet our Youth and Children where and how they need to be met in order to become complete disciples of Jesus Christ. But above all else, we have grown to know and to love one another in tangible ways.

T h e r e are lasting relationships now where there were once names to be learned and stories to be told. And we have had a ball doing it! The pictures say it all. Thank you, Santa Fe Presbyterian Church, for making me a part of your picture. I look forward to being a fixture around here for a long time to come.