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Our weekly Invitation to Fellowship 


This Month’s Monthly Youth News

Each month Santa Fe Presbyterian Church Youth Ministry sends out the Monthly Youth News to our youth and their families. It gives the ‘big picture’ plans for the month, and an outline of what to expect for the semester. For those who like to plan ahead and know what to expect this is a good sorce of information.  

This Sunday’s Invitation to Fellowship

We have found that Youth do not like to read long emails, so Youth Ministry team also sends out a weekly email to our families with information about the upcoming Sunday’s Fellowship.  It is an invitation you to join the fun. This email will have more specific details about Fellowship, including time, place and any changes from routine. Please RSVP when we are dining together so our volunteer cooks can prepare appropriate amounts of food. However, we would rather you join us than stay home if you didn’t RSVP.  Read this week’s Invitation to Fellowship and come join us.

Permission Slips

If we are leaving the church grounds we need a permission slip signed by your parent. You can download a permission slip here. You do not need a new one for each trip, but we must have one on file. Some event locations may require their own permission slips. Links to these will be in the Youth News and in the Invitation to Fellowship.

Youth Quake 2014

Youth Quake is a fun retreat opportunity for youth in grades 6-12. It will be held in April at Canyon Camp in Hinton, OK.  It is still in the planning stages for Spring 2014. If you have never been, ask someone who has gone. You will find they had a fun and rewarding time in a beautiful location. You may see the goats living there and hear are rumors of Big Foot.
Cost of the event was $85.00 per person last year, which included lodging, t-shirt, and four meals (three on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday.)  Registration deadline has not been determined yet. Our church will cover 1/2 the cost for the weekend for our members. If additional financial need is required, please speak with Mitch.
Youth Quake 2014 forms are not yet available. Last year’s forms are here, should you want to look at them. Youth Quake 2013 Release Forms 2  Here is some additional information Youth Quake 2013 poster.