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2017 Vacation Bible School


We went camping this year at VBS. Campers discovered amazing things happen when we serve others.  God gives them wisdom and courage to step out in faith as Jesus works through them at school, with friends, or at home.  They also discovered God has a plan for their lives’- today right where they are.  Under the sun and under the stars, campers sang songs and heard stories around a campfire.  They also made crafts and participated in outdoor activities.  To celebrate a fantastic week of camping, a Water Day was held on Friday, where campers pied the pastors. Over 300lbs. of food was collected for the Urban Mission!  Thank you to all who volunteered their time and donated supplies!


2017 Youth Mission Trip

First, Goodland 2017 was awesome!  We have every reason to be proud of our team that went this year.  Our kids did exceptionally well.  They worked so hard that Goodland had to find more work for us to do, we had finished what they set aside for us a day and a half early.  Besides the minor injuries and poison ivy, there were no problems.     Also, as a youth minister for 18 years, I have never had such wonderful volunteers for a trip like this, thank you Gretchen and Jason!  We are a very blessed congregation to have such wonderful people that choose to give up a whole week to work with our youth.

We asked the kids toward the end of the trip, what would you change?  We got two distinct answers that really made me happy.  1.  The work would last longer and 2.  We would do more devotionals.  In a world where we tend to lose the plot so often and make this whole thing about us, we have a youth group that wants more work and wants more time talking about a faith that compels them to help others!  That ladies and gentlemen is good news!  That is God working and moving in our youth.  It’s a great time to be at Santa Fe.

Grace and Peace




Why Do We Pay for Coffee and Doughnuts on Sunday?

Our coffee and donut money goes to Southwestern Oklahoma Presbyterian (SWOPP) Parish Nurse Program which has been in existence since the summer of 2005. as an extension of the Parish Nurse Program at First Presbyterian Church, Duncan OK.

Parish Nursing is a program which focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. PC(USA) has been a leader in brining the program to its congregations. The 20th General Assembly created the “Life Abundant” policy which called upon churches to encourage and promote health and wholeness. The National Health Ministries of PC(USA) provided excellent documents for establishing programs, and while the office has since closed, parish nurses continue to function in many congregations.

In Oklahoma, the organization is called Faith Community Nurses of Oklahoma. The American Nurses’ Association has published “Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice” which states “Faith community nursing is the specialized practice of  professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting wholistic health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community.”

The nurse is a licensed professional nurse. The implication is that the nurse functions independently and therefore can only be licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing as a registered professional nurse. In addition, the PC(USA) requires that the nurse has both a professional nursing license as well as malpractice/liability insurance.

This practice reclaims the Biblical understanding of the dynamic integration of body, spirit, mind, emotions, and social situations. The call is to walk with people through the transitions of life, help people grow spiritually and find a language of hope in the midst of these transitions. As a result, the parameters are very clear for both the nurse as well as the congregation.

How does the nurse accomplish the task of walking with the congregation through these transitions? This is accomplished through health education, personal health counseling, advocacy, referral to a variety of resources, facilitation of pastoral care and comfort, and facilitator of support groups. The PC(USA) church does not permit invasive procedures. The nurse does not supplant home health care services but can educate the family about the needs of their loved one.

So what does the parish nurse do for her practice in the SWOPP? Each week the parish nurse provides a “parish nurse corner” which is published in the worship bulletin. It is a succinct paragraph discussing a health subject that may be in the news. Since February is Heart Month, the subject matter is focused there. In April the subject could be preparation for difficult weather. In May 2017, the nurse is writing about Stroke and Hypertension. In September it will be about getting flu and pneumonia shots. In October it will be about breast cancer.

Each month the nurse visits the Nutrition Site in Grandfield. There she does blood pressure  screening and monitors medication administration. Churches in Temple and Walters are visited. Information for that month is posted and she is available for individual consultations as requested. On the 5th Sunday, the nurse worships with the congregants, shares in their communion followed by a potluck lunch, and provides some educational activity appropriate for that time. They have fun while they learn.

So how are our funds used by the SWOPP? The nurse does not receive any pay for the service  she provides. The Parish reimburses her for mileage, tolls, and malpractice insurance premiums. She is not paid for continuing education, only mileage. Our coffee money is  serving the Parish well and is very much appreciated!

If you have any questions for our Parish Nurse, please contact the church office.


Caregiver Support Group

Being a caregiver to someone who has memory loss or a form of dementia can be equally rewarding and taxing to the caregiver. Many caregivers have learned that when they speak with other caregivers, they find encouragement, support and understanding. Our Caregiver Support Group serves this purpose. We also learn from each other: of community resources, the progression of the disease and how to better cope with the needs of our loved ones.

The group may serve family, friends, and caregivers of persons with any form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia of Lewy Body, and other illnesses which can create loss of memory, language difficulties, thought processing and behavioral changes.

Please invite your friends and family as we share this important time together. The Caregiver Support Group is not exclusive to the Santa Fe community and we welcome anyone who wishes to participate. What we share is confidential. We are gathering for mutual emotional support and will foster positive attitudes that can direct us towards finding solutions. The group has occasional speakers from the community to offer information on programs, legal issues and practical information for those providing care.

The meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall and generally last until 8:30 p.m. The group tries to be considerate of everyone’s time by starting and ending the group on time.

Facilitators for this group have been trained by the Alzheimer’s Association and/or the Lewy Body Dementia Association. Please contact the church office (405-341-3300) for more information.