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June Mission Project—Memory Boxes

At Lakeside Women’s Hospital there are times when women are faced with a stillbirth or a baby who dies. The hospital has requested help in putting together a Memory Box for these women and their families.

The Memory Box will be filled with a few items from the hospital (clip of hair, a footprint from the baby when possible) and several items that our church will provide. We will provide to the hospital about 30 boxes per year. The Mission Committee will furnish the box, and a booklet from Compassionate Friends, but we need individuals to supply us with the following items AND to help us put together the box so it is attractive and thoughtful. A sample Memory Box will be available in June for you to see– on the Mission Table, but also you may want to look at a website that shows how to create a box:  It has a video which shows some wonderful examples of items to include.

Here are some ideas for items to donate. We will not be able to put all of these items in the Memory Box, but having choices of items to select from will make the individual Memory Box more meaningful.

A small soft blanket (i.e. baby blanket, receiving blanket)
Soft wash cloth
Teddy bear (small)
Scented candle or Tea light and candle holder
Flower seeds
Symbolic ornament
Blank cards for hand and foot prints, or for special quotes or notes
Organza bag for a lock of hair
Moisturizer for Mom
Ribbon to tie the box (keep in mind a color and design that is appropriate)
Photo Frame


Vacationb Bible School – June 4-8

Adventures in Minecraft: 
Putting on the Full armor of God

Join us for an adventure filled week of learning about putting on the full armor of God!  Kids will learn about their role as a child of God and will be equipped with the tools needed to fight spiritual warfare. Children will have fun, learn about God, and discover how He has lovingly crafted each one of us.

Vacation Bible School will begin on June 4 and run through 8th from 5:30 to 8:00pm.  There is a $5.00 registration fee and that includes dinner which will be served each night.  VBS is for children entering kindergartner through those who have completed the 5th grade.

Register in the church office beginning May 10th.  For more information contact the church office at 405.341.3300

Volunteers and supplies needed!

Why be a part of VBS?   For adults, this will be a great way to get involved in the church and serve the community with their family of faith.

Click here to download registration form.

Have you ever wanted to crack an egg on the head of your minister or music director.  Our congregation had the opportunity to do that on Sunday, April 15th.  The church was challenged to raise money for the Urban Mission SPARK program.  If a $2,000 was raised the number of decorated eggs used would be 12 eggs, 9 empty and 3 raw.  For every $250 over $2,000 another raw egg was added.  We ended up using a lot of eggs as the congregation raised over $3,500 to support this program.  This will support 47 children this summer.

The project is Urban Mission’s Summer SPARK program (Support Program of Art and Reading for Kids), a day-long kids program during the summer vacation period from school.  The program is an awesome intervention that seeks to encourage learning throughout the summer months.  They focus on hands-on learning, physical activities, and educational field trips to help the students stay active and interested.  In addition, they provide breakfast, lunch and a snack for students during a time that they will not be receiving free and reduced school lunches.


We have a new way of spelling Missions for Santa Fe Presbyterian Church? GIVING.

G: The Gifts we provide to others, whether monetary, in-kind, our energy, talents, or work. Giving to persons across the lifespan, from babies to elderly.

I: Interactions with others, our fellow SFPC members, organizations and their staff, persons in need

V: A Vision for others to experience a brighter tomorrow

I: International : Support of programs  on a global basis.

N: Nourishing. Although we do a lot of food-related projects that nourish people’s diets, in the process we also nourish our souls.

G: God makes these Missions possible and with Gratitude we give our time, talents, and energies to others.

A wonderful example of GIVING was experienced at Urban Mission twice last year. A 2000 bag of sugar arrived that was impossible to offer to clients without some repackaging. Urban Mission staff reached out to Mitch and asked if we could help repackage it. “It might take a while!” With a crew of 12, we repacked those 2000 pounds into 5 lb bags in 2 ½ hours! Urban Missions staff were ecstatic! Therefore when they got an even bigger sack of sugar (3500 lb) a few months later, they asked us again to help them. TWO HOURS LATER, our crew of 15 had completed the job.    These hours were filled with laughter, work, and all the components of GIVING.

A favorite mission comes to us every November, in the project called Angel Tree. In 2017 we gave 48 gifts to families who live at NSO apartments. We also gave 26 gift cards ($25 each) to kids involved in the Whiz Kids program offered at Crown Heights United Methodist Church (we have some members who volunteer in this literacy program).  And SaFe Day families donated 40 toys to Urban Mission’s Santa Project which served hundreds of children at Christmas-time.  It’s not surprising that this program gets so much support as it nourishes everyone in loving ways.

Natural disasters struck several of our southern cities in the USA in 2017 and many areas internationally. We dedicated over $3900 of our Mission budget towards the hurricane and flooded areas of Florida and Texas. We also donated $1500 towards medical and other supplies taken on a mission trip to Zambia.

We’ve been busy, haven’t we, Santa Fe?  Here’s a more itemized list of Mission Projects and Donations.

Designated Donations:  

Urban Mission – $4880.63
NSO  – $2600.00
Edmond Mobile Meals  – $750.72
Goodland Academy  – $1,600.00
CentsAbility  – $3,654.76 (which are in turn disbursed to Edmond Mobile Meals, Urban Missions,and Presbyterian Hunger Fund )
Breakfast on Boulevard  – $285.13
CWS Crop Walk  – $700.00 (not counting donations that go directly to EDMOND CWS/CROP)
Friends of Trinity Youth Conference  – $245.00
Indian Nations Presbytery  – $12,476.21
Disaster Relief Support  – $3,900.00
Edmond Mobile Meals – $419.53
Presbyterian Hunger Fund  – $394.89
Southern Ok Presbyterian Parish – $815.66
Foreign Mission Medical supplies – $1,500.00

Monthly Projects:

Canned goods for Urban Mission
Canned goods and paper supplies for Edmond Mobile Meals
Supplying 2 NSO apartments for new residents
Infant Crisis Services supplies
Stuff the Bus school supplies for Wellston Elementary School
Southern Oklahoma Presbyterian Parish Nurse Program
Volunteers at Urban Mission Food Resource Center (men volunteer each month, youth volunteer each week in summer)
Volunteers: painted 2 houses for Turning Point Edmond
CROP Walk for hunger programs
Angel Tree for NSO and Whiz Kids, for families attending Project Santa at UM
Goodland Academy donation at Christmastime
Used Eyeglasses (donated to Dr. Gourley for his mission trips)
Food labels and boxtops (donated to Goodland Academy for later purchase of computers)

PC(USA) Special Offerings:

One Great Hour of Giving   $637
Christmas Joy Offering        $726

Sunday School classes and individual members are dedicated to supporting mission projects outside of those sponsored by the Mission Committee. These donations are significant and although hard to capture, demonstrate the interest that exists within our church community.

The Mission Committee wishes to thank all of our congregation for the support you provide to our Missions!