Urban Mission’s Summer SPARK Program

The project is Urban Mission’s Summer SPARK program (Support Program of Art and Reading for Kids), a day-long kids program during the summer vacation period from school. The focus of the summer program is reading. The kids involved in the summer program IMPROVED their reading scores over the summer months, at a time when many kids lower their reading scores. The kids come from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The OKC Metropolitan Library system sends a staff member to share books with the kids. Reading tutors are needed to help read with the kids during the summer months. The summer program also includes some field trips to places of interest. Click here for more information.  We encourage members and SFPC groups (i.e., Sunday School classes and Circles) to donate money towards sponsorship of a child who attends this summer program. There is an “Easter Tree” in the narthex with eggs in various dollar amounts for sponsorships. Please consider taking an egg to make a donation and give a child an opportunity to participate in the SPARK program.