February Mission Proect

This month the mission committee has a new project we are supporting.  We are asking you to help us provide cleaning items for Palo Duro apartments.   These apartments are another of Neighborhood Services Organization.

In Oklahoma City, 31% of the homeless population also has at least one mental illness.   NSO’s Palo Duro 1 and 2 offer a combined 36 apartment homes for single adults living with mental illness.   These programs provide permanent supportive housing so residents can live in an environment that protects them from fear and abuse.   These are the only facilities in Oklahoma that provide care for these people for as long as they live.

Please place the items you select to help us have a successful drive in the basket across from the kitchen.    THANKS for your support!!

Examples Needed:

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, liquid cleaners like Pine-Sol, Mr. Clean, 409, Etc.

Bars of Soap, Laundry Detergent, Kleenex, gallon size zip lock bags