October Mission Project

October is the month in which Urban Mission has their fundraising dinner. Last year, Santa Fe Presbyterian Church had 2 different projects that were so successful we were asked to do them again! This year’s versions and what we need help with:

  •  A basket of new children’s books or young adult readers, favorites of your children or grandchildren.
  •  A basket of new books for adult, favorites of yours from today or yesterday.

To get you thinking about what you liked, search online for Favorite Children’s/Young Adult/Adult books. Or look on your shelves. We’ve also provided a list of favorite books on the Mission table.

Wine Pull. Donate a bottle of good wine. You can also either wrap it in a creative wrap ( has great ideas) or join us at our WRAP PARTY on Oct 3 at 10:00 am at the church. Our goal is to create 25 wine wraps.

The wine pull last year sold out within 30 minutes. It raised $220 for Urban Mission. The 2 baskets of books raised $220 as well.’s_Books