CE Corner

Hi, and welcome to the first of what we plan to be a regular feature of the newsletter – the CE Corner.  As a group, our Christian Education committee is excited to welcome Laurel to our fold.  Working with her to discover how best to integrate her goals and plans with ours also gives us an opportunity to evaluate what we do and how we do it.  We are proud of our program and believe that it has been able to provide value to the congregation.  However, we want to ensure that we continue to adapt and grow so that Christian Education remains a strength of our church.  To that note, everything we do is on the table.  If there is something you like, let us know.  If we do something that you feel no longer adds value to the church, let us know.  And, most importantly, if there is something you would like to see us start doing, please let us know.  Ideally, we would like to see you at one of our meetings, but if you let Laurel, Mitch, Dave, Bev, Stephanie McGee, Jenn, or Lisa know – we will be sure to discuss your feedback.

One of the first items of feedback we are working on is communication.  That is what this section will be about – communicating to you what we are working on so you can make decisions regarding participation in Christian Education as a student, a teacher, or volunteer.  We also hope this will make inviting others to join our church easier.

On that note, we decided to start by sharing what our adult classes are studying.

  • Contemporary Sunday School (Meets in the fellowship hall by the kitchen, led by Craig Cole)

o A class that does deep dives into rotating books of the bible and discusses how they relate to current events and challenges.

  • Discovery Sunday School (Meets in the Choir Room, led by rotating individuals)

o A class that follows the lectionary.  By doing so, allows for a deeper discussion of the sermon lesson and scriptures of the day.

  • Connections Sunday School (Meets in the Sanctuary, led by David Lautenschlager)

o A class that studies works, both fiction and non-fiction, that have a basis in scripture and/or theology.  Currently studying the book Personal Faith with a Passion by Ray Dykes.

We are blessed in this opportunity to serve Christ through our service to you.  We hope to see you soon – as a student, a teacher, a volunteer, or any role you feel called to in Christian Education.