June Mission Project—Memory Boxes

At Lakeside Women’s Hospital there are times when women are faced with a stillbirth or a baby who dies. The hospital has requested help in putting together a Memory Box for these women and their families.

The Memory Box will be filled with a few items from the hospital (clip of hair, a footprint from the baby when possible) and several items that our church will provide. We will provide to the hospital about 30 boxes per year. The Mission Committee will furnish the box, and a booklet from Compassionate Friends, but we need individuals to supply us with the following items AND to help us put together the box so it is attractive and thoughtful. A sample Memory Box will be available in June for you to see– on the Mission Table, but also you may want to look at a website that shows how to create a box:  It has a video which shows some wonderful examples of items to include.

Here are some ideas for items to donate. We will not be able to put all of these items in the Memory Box, but having choices of items to select from will make the individual Memory Box more meaningful.

A small soft blanket (i.e. baby blanket, receiving blanket)
Soft wash cloth
Teddy bear (small)
Scented candle or Tea light and candle holder
Flower seeds
Symbolic ornament
Blank cards for hand and foot prints, or for special quotes or notes
Organza bag for a lock of hair
Moisturizer for Mom
Ribbon to tie the box (keep in mind a color and design that is appropriate)
Photo Frame