Goodland Academy

“Goodland has been my saving grace. If I had not come here, I more than
likely would have ended up in and out of prison. Thanks to the staff here,
I now have hopes for a bright future!”
Jeff Hinkle : Class of 2010, currently pursuing a B.A. in Math Education

Goodland Academy is the beneficiary of our church’s December Mission Project.

In 1835, Ebenezer Hotchkins and Cyrus Kingsbury, Presbyterian ministers, established the Yakni Achukma (Choctaw for “Good Land”) Mission station. In 1838, William Fields, a full-blood Choctaw, built the first home on the Goodland campus. As the community grew, the most vital concern of the Indian people was the education of their children. In 1848, the first full-time minister took up residency on the grounds of present day Good Land. John Lathrop and his wife built the first manse and ministered for two years to the Choctaws. As they returned home in 1850, Rev. Oliver Porter Stark and his wife, Margaret, were assigned to Good Land. His wife began the next day teaching any Indian children that would come to their two room log manse. Orphaned children were boarded by families on present day Goodland property, so they could receive an education. Within two years, the number had grown to 42 Indian children. This was the humble beginnings of the boarding school. The Church building served for 42 years as both school and church for the area. Renovated several times since being built in 1852, the same church — restored and enlarged — stands on the Goodland campus today. It serves as a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to each successive generation. (Heb. 11:1 – 12:3)

Today, Goodland offers both a residence for males, ages 6-13, and a private-school education for males and females, grades kindergarten through 11th grade. (website: )

Santa Fe Presbyterian Church members and visitors are encouraged to participate in the December Mission Project by doing the following:

Think about a joyful memory you had while going to school. Think about a favorite teacher and how that person helped mold you. Think about someone you know who has struggled with family problems and needed support from others outside the family. Praise God for the blessings provided to you!

Substitute a gift that you planned to give or a Christmas expense you typically have with a Christmas gift to Goodland Academy.

Write out a check to Santa Fe Presbyterian Church, with “Goodland Academy” on the Memo line.

All gifts to Goodland will be sent to them from the Community of Santa Fe Presbyterian Church. Goodland is in the midst of a capital campaign to build newer buildings on campus. They have been good stewards of the Good Land and of the lives they’ve nurtured through their programs. Let us offer praise and thanks for the blessings they’ve shared with countless boys and girls since 1835.

“The Christian training that we received at Goodland Academy formed the
foundation for our philosophy of life, especially The Golden Rule. Thank God
for Goodland.” – Dr. Ted Key : Class of ’39