“Being Mortal” September 25th

On Monday, Sept. 25 from 7:00—8:30 pm, the Stephen Ministry program will offer a viewing of the Frontline film “Being Mortal.” It investigates the practice of caring for the dying and the difficulty even physicians have in discussing chronic illness and death with their patients and families. There will be a discussion following as well as an added discussion period at a later date to explore portions of the book, Being Mortal, written by Atul Guwande, MD. We encourage you to read this book as it discusses the problems within our medical profession: over-treating patients, medical treatments that lead to a poor quality of life at the end of life, long-term care options. But it also offers some practical advice on how to discuss with family and your medical providers how you would like your illness to be treated. Whether you are young or old, these discussions will touch your life at some point. We will have a Readers’ Guide available in the narthex for those who are interested in attending.