2017 Youth Mission Trip

First, Goodland 2017 was awesome!  We have every reason to be proud of our team that went this year.  Our kids did exceptionally well.  They worked so hard that Goodland had to find more work for us to do, we had finished what they set aside for us a day and a half early.  Besides the minor injuries and poison ivy, there were no problems.     Also, as a youth minister for 18 years, I have never had such wonderful volunteers for a trip like this, thank you Gretchen and Jason!  We are a very blessed congregation to have such wonderful people that choose to give up a whole week to work with our youth.

We asked the kids toward the end of the trip, what would you change?  We got two distinct answers that really made me happy.  1.  The work would last longer and 2.  We would do more devotionals.  In a world where we tend to lose the plot so often and make this whole thing about us, we have a youth group that wants more work and wants more time talking about a faith that compels them to help others!  That ladies and gentlemen is good news!  That is God working and moving in our youth.  It’s a great time to be at Santa Fe.

Grace and Peace